thriV offers products that are recycled, all natural and give back to worthwhile causes.

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At the end of Schoen Place on the Historic Erie Canal

45 Schoen Place

in Northfield Common

Pittsford Village, New York

Tuesday - Saturday 11-5

Shine From Me Music Video Promotion

"Shine From Me"  our music video illustrates the power we have to shift challenge into into empowerment! Our donations from the sale of our gemstone bracelets to our causes promotes wellness Please Share :)

Our Mission at got ballZ:

Our gemstone bracelets inspire empowerment during challenges while donating to wellness cancer treatment programs and clinical trials. We know first hand that fear only blocks options and good decision making. Use the healing resources on our website to  gather options to make your best decisions! 

Handmade got ballZ gemstone bracelets

Donations For Our Causes


Each purchase donates to our causes, including healing non-toxic program and clinical trials for cancer with other worthwhile causes~ read about them here!

Influencers Wanted


Help us rep empowerment & raise awareness and donations for holistic cancer programs and trials. You get free merchandise and the universe gains your positive mojo:)

Live With Passion & Purpose


"In my opinion, what we think and feel determines the course of our health and our life "  

~ Shari Hall Smith,  BallZBoss


Tag @YouveGotBallZ with a photo showing your empowerment and receive a coupon for 25% OFF your purchase of our gemstone bracelets!