I have navigated cancer twice since 1992 and continue to be determined to go beyond surviving to thriving. The first time I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 36, just engaged to be married. My doctor’s advice of surgery, 6 months of chemotherapy followed by 5 years of tamoxifen only changed my prognosis by 5% and it would have greatly reduced any chance of having children. I underwent the surgery and chose a holistic and alternative adjunctive therapy to improve my immune system. My husband and I are blessed to have our two daughters and grateful every day that I made those choices.

My second diagnosis was 22 years later with metastasized breast cancer and a prognosis of no cure. My extensive research and decisions that included refusing some conventional options led me to create a plan best for my lifestyle, my quality of life and for me!  What I found along the way is that my overall health improved and my long term autoimmune disorders either disappeared or the medication has been decreased to handle the symptoms. I have never felt better!

Knowledge is power! Use this information to gather options that enable you to make well-informed decisions about your own individual treatment plan.


Navigating Cancer got ballZ Mode

I researched my diagnosis and options extensively and then hired a cancer consultant to assist me in narrowing down the many choices that the internet provides. I decided on a plan for myself and I continue to tweak it as necessary. To someone newly diagnosed with cancer I recommend you first read Radical Remission by Dr. Kelly Turner as it is inspiring and will cover most of the various factors outlined below that I have done. It is the only resource I have found to have a data base of people who survived cancer against all odds and the 9 factors they all share in common.

I was DX in with metastasized breast cancer in February 2014 after 22 years from my primary breast cancer~ my oncologist took me off the estrogen I had been on for 13 years and started me on Letrozole. Then I found and began seeing an Integrative MD which I would recommend as there is so much out there to sort through. She sent me for blood tests that were much more extensive than I have done previously. From those results, she devised a diet and supplement regime for me. I continue to take the supplements which have been updated depending on test results and issues I am having.

I spent 3 weeks in Germany May/June 2014 for treatment with whole-body hyperthermia, local hyperthermia, ozone, thymus injections, daily IV of detox and vitamins, and other complementary treatments. While there I was started on Helixor injections which is derived from the mistletoe plant, I continue to get the RX from my German doctor and order the serum online. I use my biomat daily for 1 to 2 hours depending on time available where I have quiet time and I work with an energy healer once a month. I have worked hard at releasing negative emotions, focusing on positive thoughts and mindset which has been crucial for my well being.

As each cancer diagnosis and treatment plan are individual to your circumstances, you will need to put work into gathering the options to create your plan. The links on this site will provide you with some options to consider and come up with your best treatment plan.  My passion is to have cancer treatment options known and available, someday soon with insurance coverage! I know first-hand how paralyzing fear is and the YouveGotBallZ store on www.Etsy.com was developed to help others through their challenge. You can locate the got ballZ store link on the top menu, I hope it helps and I wish you wellness 🙂

XO Shari