About Us

In my opinion, what we think and feel determines the course of our health and life ~ Shari Hall Smith


My family is what motivates me to go beyond surviving to thriving. Both times I have navigated cancer, I chose treatments that would improve  my life and my quality of life.  Knowledge is power! Use this information to gather options that enable you to make well-informed decisions about your own individual treatment plan.

got ballZ is an LLC with a mission to share the message about empowerment through challenges and raise money for non-toxic cancer programs and trials along with other worthwhile charities. (see OUR CAUSES link)  We support discovering healing treatments that address the whole body and the cause, not symptoms of the disease.

Sharing what I have learned


My passion is to for everyone facing a challenge to lose their fear and empower themselves with knowledge with options in order to make their decisions.

got ballZ bracelets


Inspired by people along my journey and made with gemstones, which includes an individual healing intention card. We are raising money for holistic cancer programs and clinical trials to find natural healing treatments providing options for quality of life.