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“My decision to heal my cancer, instead of kill it, has resulted in my whole health improving” ~Shari Hall Smith

Receiving a cancer diagnosis generates fear and stress which is scientifically proven to impair our immune system! The goal of thriverZ is to educate and empower everyone to reduce fear and provide options to enable good decisions about individual treatment plans.

This site was developed to share my story as a two time cancer thriver by informing others about options beyond our standard of care for cancer treatment. I opted both times to include alternative treatments in hopes of achieving my cure and Quality of Life. ​

Below are some helpful resources and links I have relied on during my journey.

I co-wrote Shine From Me as a healing outlet

The Truth About Cancer:  Books, Videos & Other Vital Tools

The Biomat:

Radical Remission:

My Oncologist

My Integrative MD: Lesley James MD


Acupuncture~Don Londorf

Optimal Terrain Consultants: Dr. Nasha Winters
Dr. Nasha Winters Book is on Pre Sale order:

My Energy Healer

Dr Herzog in Germany
Google Search Results

Mistletoe Trial:
To donate to the Mistletoe Clinical Trial at Johns Hopkins First in the U.S. :

Mistletoe Benefits Information: 

This site explains and treats with immunotherapy:

These sites gave me many of my sources:
Annie Appleseed Project:

Here are some other links I referred to:

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