Influencer Profile for Selection:
Have a large and engaged audience
Be authentic to Brand
Active on social media and post frequently
Have a tone and style that match our got ballZ brand

got ballZ Mission: Empowerment & Purpose
got ballZ bracelets and merchandise was designed by a 2-time cancer thriver to support others during their challenge to reduce fear, empower them to gather information to make their best decisions. We raise funding for The Radical Remission Project which furthers studies about holistic and healthy lifestyle treatments for cancer.

Associate Role
Rep got ballZ merchandise that you will receive at no charge!
Utilize your social media accounts to increase followers on youvegotballZ
Tag youvegotballZ when wearing bracelets & merchandise
Offer Discount Code for followers to use for a lower price than the YouveGotBallZ store on offers.

You will receive a specific discount code for your follower to receive a lower rate on their purchase, you get paid 10% of net.
youvegotballZ store on offers the bracelets for $38.
Your discount code will take $5 off so your followers buy at $33. The shipping is $3 so the net bracelet cost = $30
You receive 10% of $30 = $3


We raise funding for the Radical Remission Project which is detailed in our RESOURCES AND LINKS please see!