t h r ï V

t h r ï V offers  products that empower, comfort & heal ~ 

Offering  products  that  are  recycled,  all  natural  and that  give  back  to  worthwhile  causes to gift someone special, especially you! 

7  Schoen  Place

Pittsford, New York 


Tuesday - Friday 11-5

Saturday   -  Sunday  10-4

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t h r ï V

got ballZ bracelets & jewelry


We will carry our full line of got ballZ gemstone bracelets, each with an individual healing intention card donating proceeds to holistic cancer programs and trials. Designed by a cancer thriver to support and empower through challenges:)

Also spiritballZ made with your organisation's 2 colours in miracle beads!

We have more unique jewelry handmade by our Global Artisans!

IrieCBD Tinctures and Lotions


All our hemp is grown to organic standards, naturally processed and sustainably sourced. Grateful recipients of this natural bounty, we also believe in giving back. Irie’s “Its All Good” Program donates one product to someone in need for every two products sold, and partners with health providers and medical researchers, extending the good we believe in to everyone who can benefit. 

For Humans and Pets!

Richway BioMat


Our newest healing technology at t h r ï V  

The BioMat is an FDA approved medical device that combines the benefits of deep penetrating far infrared heat therapy, negative ions and amethyst crystals. 

Aids in detox, strengthens immune system, relieves pain and fatigue. reduces stress and fatigue and more!

30 Minutes: $20

60 Minutes: $35

Global Artisans


We believe that together we can create a better world for people and the planet through fair and sustainable trade. 

We curate socially responsible products from artisan groups that would not  otherwise have the ability to earn money. 

Bags created from recycled tires, tree free paper and journals, handmade soaps from all natural ingredients, hand knitted gloves, jewelry, scarves and more!

Each product has a beautiful story and is unique and one of a kind.

SOJI Pure Crystal Energy Water Bottles & Dispensers


Soji crystal water bottles contain pure natural crystals. These beautiful stones encourage both rejuvenation and clarification of the body and the mind.Introduce purification and positivity into your everyday routine with SOJI.

Amethyest: Peace/Energy/Calming

Rose Quartz: Love/Tranquility/Compassion

Clear Quartz: Clarity/Power/Master Healer

Smoky Quartz: Protection/Stability/Strength

empower comfort heal


We began sharing resources and links for healing with an emphasis on empowerment through challenges. In September 2017 got ballZ was started as a physical support piece to give and receive with our healing gemstone bracelets, each designed for a special person, their story weaves with the meaning of the gemstone to create an individual healing intention card that accompanies each bracelet. We donate to worthwhile causes and now add additional products at t h r ï V for your individual healing journey to empower, comfort & heal.